Who We Are

Soulful Synergy, LLC is a full service, socially conscious consulting company that takes a multifaceted approach to sustainability, workforce and community development. Our goal is to empower people, organizations, and communities to thrive, by connecting them to opportunities that maximize the resources available to them.

We specialize in the facilitation of connections between key stakeholders and support the development of collaborative partnerships. By drawing upon our team of subject matter experts and vast network of deep connections in the community, we provide solutions that help our clients thrive in a constantly evolving environment.


Consulting Services

Soulful Synergy was created out of a desire to connect people, buildings and organizations with optimal services that positively impact our community & planet. We offer a wide range of consulting services, including workforce, community, and business development consulting, Section 3 consulting, partnership development & networking, and M/WBE certification assistance.

Workforce Development

Our approach to workforce development integrates core life skills with hands on experience, while creating opportunities for people to transcend their circumstances and advance to a higher station. We offer training, opportunities for certification, and supportive services in the construction, security, and energy efficiency sectors. We also offer work readiness trainings and employment placement assistance.

Sustainable Social Impact

Soulful Synergy has a socially conscious approach to addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges. We draw upon a large network of partners, including community based organizations, government agencies and businesses, to achieve meaningful outcomes. We work with partners to develop community service opportunities, and hold membership in impact coalitions, including YES Bedstuy & WestCOP.

The keys to a thriving community are the collaborative relationships between people, businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. We create that Soulful Synergy to help communities transcend short term recovery into long term sustainability.

Why We Do It

Soulful Synergy, LLC was created to improve the quality of life for each and everyone. We believe that the elevation of those most vulnerable in our communities uplift us all as a collective. We exist to support connectivity and harmonious collaboration between individuals, organizations, governments, and companies for the purpose of community advancement.