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M/WBE Required Documents Checklist


COMPLETED APPLICATION  NOTE: Download application and complete for and save answers in EDITABLE FILE

☑ RESUME – Current, chronological resume for person(s) with ownership interest in the business, including current position and duties within the business, past experience, training, and education — bios are not acceptable

☑ BANK SIGNATURE CARD – Bank signature card or letter from bank identifying all persons, even a sole-signer, currently authorized to sign on each account, any limitations on a signer’s authority, including all business account number(s)

☑ TAX RETURNS – Most recently completed year of the business’ Federal, State, and City signed tax returns, including all schedules, as filed with the relevant tax authority

☑ U.S. CITIZENSHIP/PERMANENT RESIDENT ALIEN STATUS – Proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent resident alien status (e.g. copy of passport, birth certificate, naturalization certificate, green card) for each minority- or woman-owner listed

☑ LICENSE/PERMITS – Copies and/or documentation of license(s), permit(s), bond(s) and certification(s) (if applicable)

☑ LEASE AGREEMENT – Current lease agreement, proof of ownership or deed for business location(s), including home office(s), warehouse(s), and equipment storage, if applicable; Signed agreement or proof of ownership/deed must be valid for at least six (6) months after date application is submitted

☑ BUSINESS CONTRACTS/INVOICES – One (1) or more completed and signed contracts or invoices, along with proof of payments, for services performed by the business, within the geographic market of New York City during the past year

☑ MINORITY GROUP STATUS – Proof of ethnicity for each owner claiming minority group status, as described in M/WBE eligibility requirements

☑ BUSINESS START/ORIGINATION – Proof of how the business was initially capitalized (e.g. cancelled checks, purchase receipts, any loan agreements or proof of business expenses) 


Additional Documents as Required by Business Type

➲ Partnerships:

☑ BUSINESS CERTIFICATE – As filed with the county clerk, including amended certificates; Only required if your business name is an assumed name


➲ LPs/LLPs:

☑ STATE FILING RECEIPT – Include any amended receipts


➲ LLCs:

☑ STATE FILING RECEIPT – Include any amended receipts



☑ MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES – All issued membership certificates (front and back), as well as next un-issued certificate

➲ Corporations:

☑ STATE FILING RECEIPT – Include any amended receipts



☑ STOCK CERTIFICATES  – All issued stock certificates (front and back), as well as next un-issued certificate