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Soulful Synergy provides boutique consulting services tailored to the needs of our for-profit clients. Services include providing assistance with Minority and Women Owned Business/Enterprise (M/WBE) certification attainment, developing strategic partnerships with community stakeholders and other businesses, creating pipelines of professional, experienced employees within our training sectors and providing supportive networks to ensure placement success, and developing customized curricula.

We meet with the client to understand their needs and pain points, and assess best fit for services.

Step 1: Intake and Assessment

We develop and present a customized proposal to our clients, including scope of work, strategic planning and partnership development, definition of outcomes and project timelines. We design and develop solutions that meets the client’s unique needs and leverage our network to refer other consultants or professional services as needed

Step 2: Solution Development

We work with the client throughout the duration of the project to directly implement or support implementation. This includes project follow up, targeted outcomes and post-assessment.

Step 3: Project Implementation
Upon project completion, we measure outcomes and evaluate the effectiveness of the services provided. By collecting and considering this data, we are able to leverage descriptive analytics to readily identify opportunities for improvement, make necessary changes to the strategic plan, and learn from past experiences. We complete Monitoring & Evaluation based on data gathered during the project, conduct post-assessments and record any project outcomes.
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