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Our Services

Soulful Synergy provides a complete suite of services focused on workforce and community development that serve individuals, for-profits, nonprofits and government agencies. The centralizing feature of all our services is simple– to provide resources that support sustained community health and empowerment.

Training & Certification

Soulful Synergy offers opportunities for virtual [link to online courses anchor] and in person trainings and certification courses in the construction, energy efficiency, security and other industries. Our training offerings range from interactive introductory workshops to industry recognized credential courses. We use a modular curriculum design so that all of our trainings and can be customized to client needs. 

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Training Programs


       Participants learned construction skills through the Urban Handyperson program    

Participants who complete our signature TradeGrade Program obtain the training and certificates for employment pathways that result in sustainable, life-long careers in the construction sector, in the security industry, and in the energy efficiency field. Through the Trade Grade Program, participants earn the following certifications: 

The Urban Handyperson


Through Soulful Synergy’s Urban Handyperson Program, participants learn basic construction skills that prepare them to make repairs to their own homes and other buildings; take advantage of opportunities in the “gig economy,” such as painting, wall repairs, hanging T.V.s, installing cabinets and fixtures, fixing leaky faucets, etc.; and complete their own hands-on construction projects. The Urban Handyperson program consists of lectures, discussions, site visits, and hands-on buildout. The curriculum covers worksite safety and communication, measurement tools, construction drawings, building material, material handling equipment, and hand and power tools, and consists of four Masteries:

The Masteries build upon each other progressively–  proficiency in skills from the previous Mastery(ies) is necessary to begin the following program. Each Mastery incorporates a workplace safety component, includes daily labs and practical exams, and concludes with a final project to demonstrate participants’ proficiency in the relevant skill areas. Our model emphasizes knowledge “stickiness” through repetition and constant reinforcement. Accordingly, skills learned in previous Masteries will be revisited in the hands-on component of following Masteries. In concrete terms, students will demonstrate proficiency by completing the following for each Mastery:

Clean Energy Academy


The Clean Energy Academy is a free 60 hour energy efficiency technical training, combined with an Online Dynamic Learning Management System delivery method. The program focuses on energy efficiency, outreach, education and implementation assistance initiatives for small commercial properties. The Clean Energy Academy’s Small Commercial Energy Auditing Training (SCEAT) course offers advanced level course content designed to meet the needs of the clean energy job market. We prepare our students with real world, technical knowledge that matches the skills gaps communicated to us by our employment partners.

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Seed to Spoon


Soulful Synergy’s Seed to Spoon Program introduces participants to skills that will support them in becoming future Urban Farmers and learning how to grow their own food. The main components of the curriculum include how to cultivate plants, and how to transform fresh produce and herbs in nutritional meals. The former aspect of the curriculum includes topics such as basic plant elements and growth, atmospheric elements, soil composition and the importance of soil health, and photosynthesis. These core lessons provide a foundation for understanding the process of the life cycle from seeds to harvest and eventually to seed. Through Seed to Spoon’s nutritional element, participants use the crops they have cultivated in the gardens to craft creative, nutritious and tasty meals in the kitchen under the direction of our partner Chef. 

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Career Come Up


Soulful Synergy’s signature Career Come Up program provides participants with the knowledge to understand requisites, such as education, certifications, and experience, that impact their ability to access the opportunities they are interested in, as well as an understanding of how to leverage resources to meet these requirements. This tangibly supports participants in pursuing their dreams by helping them: identify attainable goals; create a map of the steps needed to achieve these goals; and develop the materials, such as tailored resumes and cover letters, and skills, such as interview, communication, and research skills, necessary to achieve these goals. 

The program helps participants cultivate mindfulness and become aware of their own agency by encouraging and expecting them to do their own research and develop their own paths from a foundational springboard of resources and support. Finally, the Career Come Up Program inducts participants into the Soulful Synergy family, ensuring permanent access to a vast network of individuals, organizations and agencies eager to support their advancement and success. 

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