Sustainable Soul-utions

Recycling Initiative

Our partnership with NY based recycling companies, and other affiliates allows us to offer a no cost way for our clients to dispose of unwanted recyclable materials and divert them from the landfills. Each year we work with communities to provide free workshops that educate children and adults alike on the benefits of recycling and its long term impact on our environment.

Energy Efficiency Audits

Soulful Synergy’s trained team of professionals will come to your residence, building or place of business to perform a comprehensive energy audit. We will provide you a detailed diagnosis of your building’s energy usage and efficient strategies to reduce waste and increase your bottom line.

Energy Market Exchange

Through our vast network of energy suppliers, Soulful Synergy works with our clients to find the right energy provider to meet your needs. Whether wind, solar, gas or other we have the potential to save you a significant sum on your monthly energy expenses and find a sustainable power source to help you keep our planet clean.