What others say about us

  • I personally have worked with the president of the company and all I can say is amazing! Professional through and through!

    Keshia Carter
  • I had a wonderful experience, I really learned a lot. Everything that was needed to be taught was perfectly explained. Never a dull moment, I appreciate the teacher and how I was taught. Thank you Alex. I hope to see you again.

    Taja WilliamsFlorida
  • Alejandro is VERY competent in his field. I will forever have a preference for him when going to get construction training. Between going above and beyond to make sure the knowledge is retained and catering the class to his students in a fun and concise way, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to go anywhere else! THANK YOU!

    Sienna SamohtMiami
  • I am a union carpenter and needed a last minute emergency course. Thanks to Soulful Synergy and there accommodations I was able to start my job on time as well as get an awesome and educational class on site safety and worker rights! Thanks Alejandro Alvarez!!!

    Jairo Londono
  • Great instructor! Love the training, would recommend to anyone.

    Delvis GarciaSeattle