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We help individuals access training and certification programs to level up their skills and advance in their careers, and connect people with job opportunities through our employer partner relationships. These offerings exist within a network of nonprofit partners that offer supportive services so that individuals can get the most out of the opportunities available to them. We recognize that each person we work with has different goals in seeking out our services, but we firmly believe that, no matter your ambitions, acquiring practical skills and recognized certifications provides options to keep you thriving no matter what life brings your way.

We meet with the individual to understand their career goals and trajectory. We get to know our clients’ goals and aspirations through a customized intake process and ongoing consultations.

Step 1: Intake & Assessment

We aim to ensure all participants we engage with are provided with the highest levels of customer service and resource support. We connect the individual with the types of classes and training opportunities relevant to their field of interest, including wrap-around services as needed.

Step 2: Education, Career Readiness & Training Resources

Once the individual has the training, certification(s) and foundational skills to enter a career, we leverage our network of employer partners to identify the ideal career opportunity.

Step 3: Employment Connection
After an individual has been connected to a career, we continue to provide support by assisting them with continuing education opportunities, professional development, job retention and wraparound services.
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