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Nonprofits are the heart of our communities. We work with our nonprofit clients to understand their unique challenges and community impact goals before recommending a program or service. Based on their specific needs we can customize our service offerings to assist with finding the solution that best aligns with the needs of the organization, their stakeholders and the communities they serve. We assist with securing funding sources that can cover the costs associated with programs such as grants, private funding or government resources for training through the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and WIOA.

We meet with potential nonprofit partners to understand who they serve, who they work with and what resources they need.

Step 1: Intake & Assessment

We seek to better understand the needs of our nonprofit clients, listen to their aspirations, learn from their varied experiences, advocate for their respective needs and connect them to the resources needed to maximize their impact. We design and develop solutions that meets the client’s unique needs and leverage our network of funders to assist with subsidizing costs.

Step 2: Program Design & Development

We implement the appropriate solution to address our client’s challenges. We ensure all aspects of the project are aligned with funders' requirements and reporting guidelines.

Step 3: Program Implementation
Upon project completion, we measure outcomes and evaluate the effectiveness of the services provided. By collecting and considering this data, we are able to leverage descriptive analytics to readily identify opportunities for improvement, make necessary changes to the strategic plan, and learn from past experiences.
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