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Soulful Synergy provides a complete suite of services focused on workforce and community development that serve individuals, for-profits, nonprofits and government agencies. The centralizing feature of all our services is simple– to provide resources that support sustained community health and empowerment.

Employment & Staffing

Soulful Synergy takes pride in developing curriculum and providing employment services that meet the needs of an ever-changing workforce landscape. We align our training with industry employer standards, and provide the necessary professional development support to help individuals advance their careers. Our soft skills training includes vital competencies for our program participants in key development areas like people skills, social skills, interpersonal skills, and transferable skills. We have customized training program options to help participants develop:

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In-Person and Virtual Training Programs

Construction Industry Online Courses 

Staffing Options for Businesses

Soulful Synergy has a strong network of employer partners who provide employment opportunities for program graduates. Our professional employment matchmaking services are made possible by the systematic approach that we take to understand the needs of the labor market, employment partners, job tasks, roles, and descriptions; underscored by the culmination of students’ participation in the career development services we provide. These strategic components help to improve career longevity for students when placed in internships or employment opportunities.

We have our contractors and employer partners complete an intake form and undergo an interview with our career services team to understand their company culture and onboarding process better and manage their expectations when hiring our program graduates. The information we gather from these employer interactions is vital to our matchmaking process when referring to potential hires for interviews. Our team leverages years of industry experience and a vast network of employment partners to create successful win-win outcomes for our participants and the employers we work with. Our team of professionals’ track record has enabled us to become a go-to resource for companies seeking to hire qualified candidates.

Our career support specialists work with participants to help them connect to jobs that are a match to their skills and interests. Our specialists have extensive experience working with employers to match new job openings with qualified applicants, and develop opportunities for interviews. The goal is finding opportunities that offer a career pathway to increasingly more responsible and better paying positions over time.

We support employers with:

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