Dwayne R. Norris was born July 14, 1985 at Bronx Municipal Hospital, Bronx, NY. He is the youngest of three children born to Vienna & Robin Norris, natives of the island of Barbados. Dwayne’s parents instilled in him from a young age, the importance of education and the need to live life with integrity and compassion. These lessons have stuck with him throughout his life. At the age of seven he and his family moved to New Mexico where his father was a professor at the Armand Hammer United World College of the American West; a two-year international baccalaureate school, housing two hundred students from around the world and representing eighty different countries. This unique exposure to a wide array of cultures, personalities, and ideas has been a defining part of his development.

As a Soulful Synergy, LLC Co-Founder, Dwayne has aided in the design of a curated curriculum for career development that encompasses classroom training, hands-on vocational training, communication and soft skills training, financial literacy training, covered resume writing and assistance with job placement and career advancement. He has Managed workforce development programs for government and private funded institutions; Engaged community partners across the state of New York to re-design and implement training programs that have succeeded in training over 700 people for careers in the construction industry, green industry, security industry, etc.; Assisted non-profit partner organizations by providing additional resources and curriculum offerings that enabled them to secure significant increases in grant funding to pursue workforce development and community improvement programs.